About Our Passion - Wine and Winemaking - The beginning
About Us
In early summer 2003, John Kasimor and Steve Goldbeck got together to talk about creating their own
signature wine. They both had many years of fine wine drinking and appreciation under their belts. Now was
the time to start making wine.

They proceeded to search for grapes available for harvest. They found these grapes at the UC Davis Field
Station at Hopland. The vineyard was planted to the Cabernet Sauvignon variety. The grapes from the
vineyard had originally been planted for deficit irrigation trials. The vineyard was planted in 1991 and the
previous harvests had been used by Parducci Winery and Milano Family Winery for certain blends.

The 2003 harvest was done by John and Steve and family on Oct 5, 2003. At picking, the brix level registered

The grapes were crushed at the winery in Glen Park on the same day as picking. The 1075 lbs. of grapes
yielded 105 gallons of must. The fermentation was initiated on Oct 6 and lasted for seven days. The must was
fermented dry by Oct 13, when the pressing was done. The pressing yielded 70 gallons of juice. A juice was
placed in a 60 gallon Bordeaux barrel made of French oak. The remaining juice was kept in glass to be used for
topping the barrel.

Throughout the aging process, John and Steve constantly monitored the taste and condition of the wine. A
decision was made midway through the process to blend the wine by adding merlot and petite verdot. The
wine was bottled on Apr 16, 2005 after spending 18 months in the barrel. The final blend was approx:
90% cabernet sauvignon
5% merlot
5% petite verdot

The 2003 Cabernet was released in October, 2005.