Chenery Wines
2007 Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon -
The grapes were harvested at 25.5 Brix and underwent fermentation in the cool San Francisco climate. The
wine has been aging since October 2007 in French oak barrels. The tannins show a very fine grain and depth.
This is an elegant wine that will be further enhanced with the addition of 10% of the Carneros Merlot. We
bottled this in February 2010

2007 Carneros Merlot
The grapes were harvested at 25.5 Brix and underwent fermentation after a cold-soaking. The wine has been
ageing since October 2007 in French Oak barrels. We blended this Merlot with about 9% Mt. Veeder Cabernet
to create a very ageable merlot. The wine was bottled in February 2010.

2007 Sonoma Meritage
A blend of 60% Carneros Merlot and 40% Mt. Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine was bottled in
February 2010 and is already showing as a very big yet elegant wine. This wine should be good for long term
ageing in the cellar with its solid core of tannin.

2008 Lake County Syrah - grapes were picked about October 1 this year at 25.7 Brix. Included in the
co-ferment about 8% Grenache and Grenache Blanc from the same vineyard - Fore Family Cobb Mountain
Vineyard at an elevation of 3,000' in Lake County. This vineyard is also the source for Peter Franus' Project
3000 wines and Sol Rouge wines made by Bryan Kane.

2010 Sonoma Merlot - we call this the Redemption pick. In this vintage, the year started off cold and damp.
To prevent the grapes from mildew, the growers pruned most of the leaves from the vines. This allowed sun
and wind to keep the grapes dry. However, in August a heat spike occured where the temperature went from
45 degrees F to 105 degrees F within 2-3 hours. The grapes shriveled on the vine. Our excellent grower, Nick
Grebennikoff, monitored the weather reports and turned the irrigation on before the heat spike. We therefore
were able to harvest decent grapes where others had sunburned raisins. Grapes picked at 26 Brix in mid
October and fermented using natural vineyard yeasts from an organic vineyard.  This wine was bottled after 22
months in once used French oak barrel.

2012 Lake County Rhone blend - This wine is from the Fore Family Vineyard in Lake County. It is a blend of
46% Grenache picked at 27 Brix, 45% Syrah picked at 25 Brix, 4% Mourvedre and 4% Grenache Blanc. This
is a very low pH wine, measured at 3.4pH. The wine is currently undergoing its ML fermentation in the celler.

2012 Calistoga Cabernet Sauvignon - This wine is from the Bragg Vineyard in Calistoga. Chateau Montelena
previously sourced grapes from this vineyard for its Calistoga Cuvee blend. The grapes came in at a very
decent 25 Brix. We used Rockpile yeast for the fermentation. The wine is currently undergoing ML
fermentation in the barrel.